Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants

ENERGY STAR has established energy consumption benchmarks specifically for Waste Water Treatment Plants. Energy Basics will assist you in performing an ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Audit for your facility at no charge, simply contact us to schedule it.

A free ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Audit is the first step in determining if your facility will benefit from Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Energy Basics provides a range of ECMs through add-on energy savings devices, existing hardware upgrades, policy and procedure recommendations, and ongoing Measurement and Verification (M&V) through the monitoring of energy consumption points via our Web Portal. Our program is focused on ECMs with very short Investment Recovery Periods to return the energy savings back to your bottom line as quickly as possible. Below is a listing of the types of waste water facilities that qualify for the free benchmark audit along with a summary of some of the data that will be collected.

A wastewater treatment plant is a facility that is designed to treat municipal wastewater. The level of treatment at a plant will vary based on the BOD limits and the specific processes involved. This space type in Portfolio Manager is appropriate for primary, secondary, and advanced treatment facilities with or without nutrient removal. Treatment processes may include biological, chemical, and physical treatment. This space type is best applied to wastewater treatment facilities of 150 MGD or smaller. This space type does not apply to water treatment and distribution facilities.

Once your data has been entered you will be able to review and update your data on an ongoing basis at any time through the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accessible from the Energy Basics web site. There is no charge for this access. If you chose to engage Energy Basics in a customized Energy Management Program, we will maintain that data for you and provide regular reporting to you about your energy savings and progress of your ECMs.

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